Participate in a RASE Working Group

Thank you for your interest in the Commission on Racial and Structural Equity (RASE). The work of RASE will happen through its nine (9) Working Groups:

  1. Policing: a primary task will be to meet Governor Cuomo’s mandate to review policing policies, and to consider community proposals to completely restructure the ways that police agencies perform their public safety and policing functions.
  2. Other Aspects of the Criminal Justice System: there are other players in this system, such as the prosecution and defense of criminal cases, the probation and parole systems, the maintenance of city versus suburban justice systems, bail reform, and alternative adjudication systems.
  3. Education: how to achieve equitable education outcomes for City public school students.
  4. Healthcare: what is the government’s role in reforming a system where people of color and all marginalized and poor people are denied access to equitable and quality health services?
  5. Mental Health and Addiction Services: how to achieve better access to needed mental health and addiction services when people have no access to the healthcare system.
  6. Housing:  identify strategies to achieve equitable access to housing/home ownership throughout Monroe County.
  7. Job Creation: ways that government can stimulate and incentivize job creation at a time when technology in the workplace is destroying job opportunities for people of color and all marginalized and poor people across the board.
  8. Business development:  identify strategies and resources necessary to expand minority and female-owned businesses.
  9. Human/Social Services: examine the full range of available human services for families, other adults and young people, which are operated and/or funded by the City and County, to determine where there are disparities in service delivery and outcomes.

The working groups will be co-facilitated by Commissioners. Your participation in the work of this Commission is essential to its success.  We hope you will participate in the town hall meetings, surveys, and community input sessions that will be conducted throughout the process. Check our Meetings and Events page for a list of upcoming events.

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